gallery Workshop 1 –

Our editorial brief is to create

  • Outputs All work is limited to three colours.
  • • 3 x spot illustrations 50 x 50 | 50 x 200 | 90 x 150 mm.
  • • 1 x full page illustration 240 x 300mm and/or 1 x double page illustration 480 x300mm
  • • 1 x looped GIF animation 600 x 600 pixels.
  • • Development work from the generation and experimentation workshops.
  • • Documentation and reflection of the process on your blog.

Being briefed for this project ‘variations’, we were introduced as a group to the text Man Vs. Rat by Jordan Kisner. Despite breifly reading this article, i felt i was able to understand it a little better.

I chose to join the ‘rat’ group as the text was heavily fact based which is something i enjoy investigating into.  I enjoyed learning about how as humans we share characteristics with rats.

After looking at our initial ideas, as a group we then began to focus on certain parts of the text. A big part of our task was to explore the themes and ideas in different contexts. We looked at objects, settings, characters, actions and places. With our original ideas as a guide we worked again with quick 3 colour (max) sketches and explored these different ideas. This was a great way to expand these existing ideas into something more. We also worked alongside the sizes that the final images had to be, so we could look at layout and compositions.

The themes I focused on most in this task was, object and place.



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