BBC / Animation Collaboration

For the BBC/ Animation collaboration our task was to Develop animated content to bring a regional news story to life for BBC Look East. The objective of the work was to create content in a style and format which actively engages a young adult audience.

Initial discussions revealed:

  • Topics of happenings around East Anglia
  • 5 Facts about East Anglia
  • Snap chat – story ideas ( BBC aren’t represented on this platform)
  • BBC (red and black colour schemes)
  • Wonderful world of weird

We decided to combine and develop on the ‘snapchat story’ and 5 fun facts about Norfolk ideas as we felt that the it was the appropriate fast content we feel we consume as a young adult audience.

Snap chat Discovery searching for 5 fun fact content-

  • postcodes
  • frogs
  • Fish Fingers
  • Albert Einstein Stopped in Norwich before fleeing to America
  • Norwich used to be underwater, thats why there are no hills.
blog two
With  our idea progressing we each began to visualize each fact we had chosen individually.

I was tasked with visualizing Norwich underwater for the ‘Norwich used to be underwater, thats why there are no hills.’ fact. I had originally considered presenting singler prominent buildings and illustrate them being washed away by the water, however experimenting with composition allowed me to develop my images to produce a strong outcome.

I originally drew the building illustrations in pen and ink intending for them to remain thumbnails , aware of the fact that we would have to digitalise the images at a later date.  However i really liked  their overall stylistic outcome. When it did come to coloring the images we had decided to use bright pastel colours to stay intune with the colours and themes that existed on the snapchat app already and despite the content we are creating not necessarily being made for that platform we felt the colours chosen were representative and suitable for the young adult age bracket goal.

Related image

colour swatches

buildings plain
This is the composition i have chosen for my final image and i think it works really well with the portrait format that corresponds with the portraiture of the phone.


Test giff  to visualise final animatic for my contribution to the colaberation.


Experimenting with including the Fact within the animatic. Because it was created as a gif purely for tests the text would remain on the screen giving time for the audience to read the Fact.


front page
I created an example for a possible opening screen for out video.

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