1. Rat Gif development

giff ideas

When creating initial thumbnails for my Gifs i had just begun analysing Man vs. Rat therefore it was primarily influenced by the text. Specific areas i had sought to concentrate of were dictatorship, mass production and world domination, which i felt were some of the strongest themes cover in this piece. I found the bulk of text to be largely fact orientated, which interests me greatly and has encouraged me to get stuck in.




“A male and female left to their own devices for one year – the average lifespan of a city rat – can beget 15,000 descendants. ”

This first outcome was a response to one of the first thumbnail images, expressing their excessive breeding . when creating this gif  i found it difficult to create the rat moving across the page originally because i had drawn the bars too thick, creating minimal visuals of the rat. By making the bars thinner and a more vibrant blue the rat isin’t lost to its surroundings. I originally thought blue was a suitable colour to use do to its pairing the grey of the rats fur however as i experimented further i felt the blue became a more versatile colour to portray and emotion. ( dark blue representing scary sewers/ light blue being good imitate light.)

Unfortunately due to resizing the rat became slightly pixelated  however because the rat is moving so quickly across the page to imitate multiple rats i don’t feel it to be a problem.




“The next thing he knew he was crumpling newspaper and stacking kindling in the fireplace, and where were the matches? A quick search around the house, everything a mess (and here the absence of Marietta bit into him, down deep, like a parasitical set of teeth), the drawers stuffed with refuse, dishes piled high, nothing where it was supposed to be. Finally, he retrieved an old lighter from a pair of paint-stained jeans on the floor in the back of the closet and he had the fire going.”

The second outcome came from the description of the fireplace in the second text Thirteen Hundred Rats by T. Coraghessan Boyle. That despite the untidiness of the house Loomis lit his fireplace and let it burn bright, illuminating the room. This made my attention concentrate specifically on a visual of a fireplace. As i had enjoyed making a 3d model of Loomis’s fireplace during the 3D workshop i wanted to digitalise this fireplace. I have purposefully chosen to have the blue dulled out shapes behind the fireplace, to suggest its presence in the room HOWEVER i wanted it to be as if it were the only presence in the room hense its formality in the centure of the composition.

i had originally considered concealing the evil eyes of the rat protruding through the fire however it wasen’t something i wanted to pursue having decided on the context of the piece i wanted to create.

I have recently installed adobe paper texture pro onto Photoshop and have really enjoyed experimenting with the textures given i believe they make the fireplace and the room itself more worn looking.







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