Workshop 2-

After a week of developing rough ideas and sketches towards the article, another text was also introduced to explore a more expanded idea of the theme. ‘Thirteen Hundred Rats’ by T. Coraghessan Boyle was the text we looked at. A brief overview of the text; The narrative is about an oldish man whose wife had recently passed. Concern grows for him in his local community about his mental health and lifestyle. Getting a pet was suggested to him and he denies most obvious options such as a dog or a cat. But to everyones surprise he then gets a snake, the snake is described to be quite hostile and distant, over the course of the story the man ends up not being able to look after the snake properly and begins neglecting it. The food he had to buy for the snake was a rat, preparing to feed the snake the man grew fond of the rat he had purchased to be eaten, he ends up taking this rat to be a pet of his own therefore neglecting the snake further. Over time the man collects more and more and more rats, and ends up neglecting them also. After his home has almost become a whole house full of starving caged rats, he finally passed due to an illness he had developed from the decaying mess that he lived in.

We analysed this text as a group and discussed ideas in our group work. After creating some preliminary maquettes with card and paper, in the afternoon as a group we decided to go with the idea of block colour 3D models. In the morning I had created some maquettes out of coloured card.
















We experimented with lighting, colour, scale and angle. With the application of photography we were able to create a variety of images from one or two of the paper objects we had made. We experimented with different coloured backgrounds and how this complemented the scene and colours. We experimented with a phone torch to create the lighting and angled the lighting differently in every shot to find the best lighting, we tried coloured plastics to shine the light through, we also made a large paper cage that we shone the light through to create the cage shadows to illustrate the ideas of the house and the cages and how the house in the narrative almost turned into a cage.

I really enjoyed experimenting during this workshop as 3D is not something i often explore just due to my personal practice. I enjoyed using and planning the colour matching as the pay off in the photographs make the images look almost digitally modeled. In this story the fireplace was an object that really stood out to me as being an important feature in the story and i imagined it taking pride of place in the mountain of mess in the room at that time.



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