2. Full Page Illustration-


“Frankly, rodents are the most successful species,” Loretta Mayer


When considering the full page illustration i had initially wanted to revisit the first gif i had made,



There were several issues i had with the original gif and having discovered new paper textures on Photoshop i wanted to use them to my advantage i had decided to use more dull colours in my other  images as the paper texture tended to show up better.

A few changes i made to the composition and design from the original are the posture of the rat, (something that sounds silly) but i feel when i improved the posture of the rat it became smarter which reflects the quote that inspired this image. “Frankly, rodents are the most successful species,” I had also change the  style of the bars, turning them from caged animal to a more humanized version  of a barred prison cell, eventually i had hoped to have the rat holding the prison cell bars, however when i tried to achieve this the bars obstructed the rats face and the composition looked uneven.

world domination

Throughout the Man Vs. Rat Text it often addresses that man and rat are to different in species, it also comments on there being such thing as king rats.



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