Documenting event-

The event was a success! So much so we ran out of cards for participants to print on. Everyone that did take part had really positive feedback for the group which made the experience even better.  When planning the event everyone in the group felt under quite alot of pressure to produce something extravagant and amazing, i think our simple workshop was amazing and as a group we are really pleased with its outcome.

Unfortunately not everyone remembered to collect their rat portrait at the end however those that didn’t we most lightly documented theirs with a picture of them.

We were really happy to see that despite the limited number of stamps we had created everyone had experimented themselves of how they used them and many used glasses and arms to created costumes for their rat to wear. As the lack of stamp were something we had though of previously it was nice to see the participants had put lots of thought into their designs.

As a group we were concerned about out A3 pages as we all have considerably diverse styles however they work quite well together with the linear black and white colour palet. I do think we could have considered the layout of our images on the wall however because they are very different it could be difficult to achieve this.








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