Reflective Essay

From the start of this unit I have really enjoyed working collaboratively with the Variations Rat group, as I became very interested in the factual Man VS. Rat text. After I had felt so hopeless with the confidence in my own work at the end of the previous unit it made a change to attend workshops that rekindled my want to be producing work for the projects. The text was fact based so naturally I was interested in its content and I appreciated the fast pace workshops and 3D building . I also had a really positive experience during the collaboration aspect of the workshop as my group were very supportive and we found we worked together really well, giving an incentive to work together later on in the unit for the Variations exhibition. I feel the process and development from the text to final image at times felt it was lacking and I could have developed my images further perhaps, however all my images were developed from early visuals and the interpretation of the story itself.

The BBC/ animation collaboration was also a very positive experience and it was nice working together with students that had different ways of approaching briefs. I also feel because we were proposing an idea to the BBC we didn’t feel any pressure to create out concept out of one persons ‘stylistic form’ we were able to share our own work. My work was well received from the BBC Look East representatives who gave me lots of positive feedback on the images which gave me a lot of confidence to recreate something similar in my own projects. I had experimented with a new techniques on photoshop that uses my hand drawn images which I then roughly colour the images a technique I then continued into my own project.




The research report is something I have been struggling with throughout this unit as, despite the research I have begun to collect is good and useful research I have found it difficult to speak confidently about my topic because of my uncertainty about it. In terms of broadening my research I found the feedback and lectures resourceful and a lot of sources that were suggested I have found very useful. However, writing my report proposal helped me compartmentalize what I actually wanted my essay to convey.

The Variations event was a success and as a group we conducted our workshop rather successfully. Coming up with the concept within the group wasn’t too difficult as we had all studied the texts so we were able to decisions based on themes we had considered during the creation of our own individual processes. And as a result, we received fantastic feedback from those that had taken part in our workshop and had produced extremely good rat portraits. I feel out only downfall from the workshop is that despite taking a small leaflet with the purpose of our workshop written on it I think we should have been more informative with the people who are completing the workshop. I think I we would have strongly continued to implement.


Despite having a year of mixed feelings, I feel confident that I am just having a touch of the artist block and that little by little I will regain the confidence I had in the first year and then some to produce grands that I know I am capable of. In the last couple of weeks leading up to deadline my nan sadly passed away however because I had thought I was on top of my work I saw no need for an extension, I can see now that had I not put myself under so much pressure I would  have felt more confident about the work I had produced already.This unit I have felt quite challenged by my practical work as well as my written work. At the start of the year I found it very difficult to make the transition between hard copy portfolio and online portfolio. I believe that not we are expected to present our work online, I feel that it is this process has made my second year fairly jarring because om my inability to want to produce something when I know it will just end up tucked away behind my wardrobe.




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