5. Spot Illustration 50X200

Throughout this project (including during the workshops) i have often looked to the text and referred back to these initial images i did during the first workshop to develop further from and although i have designed each image individually the ideas are still formed from the same text ending subsequently in a group of images that work really well together. Colour has been another aspect of my work that i would have found difficult, referring back to the trio of colour.

I have chosen to produce a quiet street scene, having read the texts multiple times i find the information to only address hard facts so consequently it makes me think about my own unknown relationship with rats and how their world co exists with ours.

Here i have represented this, lights are off in a deserted street however the yellow outlines represent that co-existence. Again i have used the dark shade of blue however i have not used any paper texture in this image as it distorts the colours that were vital  for this image.

long one


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